Won-Yong Kim

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Ubiquitous location-based services (u-LBS) that can detect the location of objects or people anytime and anywhere and use this as a basis for providing useful services are emerging important services. Location tracking services are applicable in a wide variety of fields such as logistics, security, industrial autonomy, wireless sensor networks and military(More)
In this paper, we propose container traffic analyzer (COTA) structure to improve accommodating more network traffic to VMs and to reduce the scale-out time. COTA consists of two functions. The one is reporting the amount of network traffic on real-time. The other function is managing server balance on user requests and scale-out VM by using aggregated(More)
Many aging male suffer various andropause symptoms including loss of physical and mental activities. This study evaluated the putative alleviative effects of CRS-10 dandelion and rooibos extract complex (CRS-10) on the symptoms of andropause. The survival rate of TM3 Leydig cells (TM3 cells) treated with CRS-10 was measured based on typical physiological(More)
This paper presents a new bit-interleaved higher-order APSK scheme for LDPC codes. Although the maximum decoding performance can be achieved using the maximum likelihood (ML) soft detection scheme, the complexity increases exponentially with the modulation orders. We approximate the ML soft detection scheme by applying the hard decision threshold (HDT)(More)
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