Won Yong Jeong

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Phosphate groups (negatively charged chemical groups) were grafted onto the surface of cellulose membranes by a reaction between hydroxyl groups of cellulose and phosphorus pentoxide to observe the effect of phosphate groups on cellular behavior. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) was used to determine phosphorylation. Captive bubble contact angle(More)
A thin FePt film was deposited onto a CrV seed layer at 400°C and showed a high coercivity (~3,400 Oe) and high magnetization (900-1,000 emu/cm(3)) characteristic of L 10 phase. However, the magnetic properties of patterned media fabricated from the film stack were degraded due to the Ar-ion bombardment. We employed a deposition-last process, in which FePt(More)
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