Won Sik Youn

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We have developed a transgenic female goat harboring goat beta-casein promoter/human granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) fusion gene by microinjection into fertilized one-cell goat zygotes. Human G-CSF was produced at levels of up to 50 microg/ml in transgenic goat milk. Its biological activity was equivalent to recombinant human G-CSF expressed(More)
Cellular and humoral immunity was studied in pigmented guinea pigs after one injection in the two hind footpads of extract of bovine retina or crude suspensions of rod outer segments (ROS) with complete Freund's adjuvant. In vitro macrophage migration inhibition experiments showed that the antigens which give rise to cellular immunity are mainly located in(More)
A miniature fiber-optic dosimeter (FOD) system was fabricated using a plastic scintillating fiber, a plastic optical fiber, and a multi-pixel photon counter to measure real-time entrance surface dose (ESD) during radiation diagnosis. Under varying exposure parameters of a digital radiography (DR) system, we measured the scintillating light related to the(More)
We developed a multichannel all-in-one phantom dosimeter system composed of nine sensing probes, a chest phantom, an image intensifier, and a complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor to measure the dose distribution of an X-ray beam used in radiation diagnosis. Nine sensing probes of the phantom dosimeter were fabricated identically by(More)
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