Won-Sik Kim

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Most of the intelligent tutoring system (ITS) is used to deliver knowledge and train skills based on the expert model. According to the theories of leaning, learning by teaching method is more efficient for enhancing motivation to learn and cognitive ability than learning by listening or learning by reading. For the purpose of developing an adap-tive(More)
TrkA is essential components of the high-affinity NGF receptor necessary to mediate biological effects of the neurotrophins NGF. Here we report on the expression of trkA in the cerebral cortex and diencephalon of mongolian gerbils during postnatal development. The expression of trkA was identified by immunohistochemical method. In parietal cortex and(More)
A 3.3 kb fragment from Erwinia amylovora phage Ea1h in plasmid pJH94 was previously characterized and found to contain an exopolysaccharide depolymerase (dpo) gene and two additional ORFs encoding 178 and 119 amino acids. ORF178 (lyz) and ORF119 (hol) were found to overlap by 19 bp and they resembled genes encoding lysozymes and holins. In nucleotide(More)
According to the advance of technologies, the speed gap between CPU and main memory is getting larger every year. Due to the speed gap, it was perceived important to make the most use of the cache residing between CPU and main memory, and there have been a lot of research efforts on this issue. Among those is the research on cache conscious trees for(More)
The traditional ITS have considered the learners as a knowledge receiver. The recent development of teachable agent make it possible to provide the learner with an active role as a knowledge constructor and to take initiatives to persist in learning. In order to make an adap-tive teachable agent that responds intelligently for individual learner, it should(More)
Isolation of pure RNA from woody perennials, especially fruit crops such as grapevine rich in complex secondary metabolites, has remained very challenging. Lack of effective RNA isolation technology has resulted in difficulties in viral diagnosis and discovery as well as studies on many biological processes of these highly important woody plants. It is(More)
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