Won Shik Na

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We present a ring hybrid balun with additional two lambda/4 short stubs, which offers excellent amplitude and phase balance characteristic. In the proposed scheme, the phase and amplitude imbalance essentially occurred in the conventional ring hybrid is alleviated by a lambda/4 shorted stub and the second stub with a series resistor respectively. The(More)
This study suggests an approach to effective transmission of multimedia content in a rapidly changing Internet environment including smart-phones. Guaranteeing QoS in networks is currently an important research topic. When transmitting Assured Forwarding (AF) packets in a Multi-DiffServ network environment, network A may assign priority in an order AF1,(More)
Recently, the software defined networking (SDN) technologies have been highlighted because these are not only the alternative to improve the legacy network efficiency, but also the power source to develop the new business ecosystem. Most of all, the SDN technique can be used in several areas because it is one of the software technology. However, the SDN(More)
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