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A soft-bodied robot made of smart soft composite with inchworm-inspired locomotion capable of both two-way linear and turning movement has been proposed, developed, and tested. The robot was divided into three functional parts based on the different functions of the inchworm: the body, the back foot, and the front foot. Shape memory alloy wires were(More)
PLGA scaffolds were prepared using a nano-composite deposition system (NCDS). 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) was used as a model drug. Hydroxyapatite (HA) was included in the scaffolds to improve the mechanical properties of the scaffolds and modulate the release of 5-FU from the scaffolds. 5-FU and HA were dispersed well in the prepared scaffolds when evaluated(More)
This paper presents a biomimetic turtle flipper actuator consisting of a shape memory alloy composite structure for implementation in a turtle-inspired autonomous underwater vehicle. Based on the analysis of the Chelonia mydas, the flipper actuator was divided into three segments containing a scaffold structure fabricated using a 3D printer. According to(More)
As composite materials are gaining wide acceptance in aircraft structures, the repair of damaged composites is becoming an important issue. Composite repair, however, has been performed more or less in a manual fashion, an integrated repair system is desirable. In this paper, an Internet-based advisory service (Repair Advisory Service, RAS) for composite(More)
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