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Molecular characterization of a dsRNA mycovirus, Fusarium graminearum Virus-DK21, which is phylogenetically related to hypoviruses but has a genome organization and gene expression strategy
Fusarium graminearum causes a serious scab disease of small grains in Korea. The nucleotide sequence of the genomic RNA of a double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) virus, Fusarium graminearum virus-DK21Expand
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Complexity of dsRNA Mycovirus Isolated from Fusarium graminearum
Fusarium graminearum is the causal agent of a serious scab disease of small grains in Korea. We screened 827 isolates of F. graminearum from diseased barley and maize and tested for the presence ofExpand
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A protein interaction map of soybean mosaic virus strain G7H based on the yeast two-hybrid system.
A protein interaction map of Soybean mosaic virus (SMV) strain G7H was generated by the yeast two-hybrid system. Clones encoding the genes P1, HC-Pro, P3, 6K1, CI, 6K2, VPg, NIa, NIb, and CP wereExpand
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Complete nucleotide sequence and genome organization of a dsRNA partitivirus infecting Pleurotus ostreatus.
The nucleotide sequences of the genomic dsRNA mycovirus infecting Pleurotus ostreatus (P. ostreatus virus 1; PoV1) were determined and compared to the sequences of the other mycoviruses belonging toExpand
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Importance of the C-terminal domain of soybean mosaic virus coat protein for subunit interactions.
The potyvirus coat protein (CP) is involved in aphid transmission, cell-to-cell movement and virus assembly, not only by binding to viral RNA, but also by self-interaction or interactions with otherExpand
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Studies on the fold-ability of coated paperboard (I): Influence of latex on fold-ability during creasing/folding coated paperboard
Abstract Papers consist more than 50% of the packaging material. Cartons which have been used for high quality hygiene packaging such as confections and cosmetics are made from coated paperboard.Expand
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Complete Genome Sequences of the Genomic RNA of Soybean mosaic virus Strains G7B and G5
The complete nucleotide sequences of the genomic RNAs of Soybean mosaic virus strains GS (SMV-G5) and G7H (SMV-G7H) were determined and compared with sequences of other SMV strains. Each viral RNAExpand
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Identification of Glycine max Genes Expressed in Response to Soybean mosaic virus Infection
School of Agricultural Biotechnology and Center for Plant Molecular Genetics and Breeding Research, Seoul NationalUniversity, Seoul 151-921, Korea(Received on November 3, 2004; Accepted on DecemberExpand
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A Study on Cost Prediction of Highway Operating Risk through a Case Study of Power Failure
This study indicates the several plans to hedge against risk cost and the management of highway project by using simulation method in case of huge power failure at the operating digitalized highway. Expand
The Voice Quality Improvement by Bone Conduction Feedback Compensation in Mobile Phone
Today, people are exposed to the various noisy environments, such as in the buses, subway and supermarkets where there are a lot of people. The noise issue is getting more serious as people want toExpand
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