Won-Pyo Hong

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Sorting nexins (SNXs) containing the Phox (PX) domain are implicated in the regulation of membrane trafficking and sorting processes of epithelial growth factor receptor (EGFR). In this study, we investigated whether SNX16 regulates EGF-induced cell signaling by regulating EGFR trafficking. SNX16 is localized in early and recycling endosomes via its PX(More)
The down-regulation of the epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptor is critical for the termination of EGF-dependent signaling, and the dysregulation of this process can lead to oncogenesis. In the present study, we suggest a novel mechanism for the regulation of EGF receptor down-regulation by phospholipase C-epsilon. The overexpression of PLC-epsilon led to(More)
Phospholipase Cepsilon (PLCepsilon) is activated by various growth factors or G-protein-coupled receptor ligands via different activation mechanisms. The Ras association (RA) domain of PLCepsilon is known to be important for its ability to bind with Ras-family GTPase upon growth factor stimulation. In the present study, we identified Siah1 and Siah2 as(More)
Phospholipase C-gamma1 (PLC-gamma1), which interacts with a variety of signaling molecules through its two Src homology (SH) 2 domains and a single SH3 domain has been implicated in the regulation of many cellular functions. We demonstrate that PLC-gamma1 acts as a guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) of dynamin-1, a 100 kDa GTPase protein, which is(More)
PURPOSE Catheter-related bladder discomfort (CRBD) due to an indwelling urinary catheter can cause postoperative distress, and the mechanism underlying CRBD is linked to the activation of muscarinic receptors. Inhalation of anesthetic agents, such as sevoflurane and desflurane, has differential inhibitory effects on muscarinic receptors. We aimed to compare(More)
Phospholipase C-gamma1 (PLC-gamma1) plays pivotal roles in cellular growth and proliferation. Upon the stimulation of growth factors and hormones, PLC-gamma1 is rapidly phosphorylated at three known sites; Tyr771, Tyr783 and Tyr1254 and its enzymatic activity is up-regulated. In this study, we demonstrate for the first time that Grb2, an adaptor protein,(More)
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