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Vaccination of dogs, the domestic reservoir of Leishmania chagasi, could not only decrease the burden of canine visceral leishmaniasis (VL), but could also indirectly reduce the incidence of human VL. Intramuscular vaccination of foxhounds with a Leishmania multicomponent (10 antigen) DNA vaccine resulted in antigen-induced lymphoproliferative and IFN-gamma(More)
BACKGROUND Camelina sativa (L.) Crantz, known by such popular names as "gold-of-pleasure" and "false flax," is an alternative oilseed crop for biofuel production and can be grown in harsh environments. Considerable interest is now being given to the new concept of the development of a fusion plant which can be used as a soil remediation plant for ground(More)
Whales have captivated the human imagination for millennia. These incredible cetaceans are the only mammals that have adapted to life in the open oceans and have been a source of human food, fuel and tools around the globe. The transition from land to water has led to various aquatic specializations related to hairless skin and ability to regulate their(More)
We report an extremely compact (15.4 m 8 m) silicon-based 2-D slab nano photonic crystal (PC) transverse-magnetic (TM) polarizer which blocks propagation of the transverse-electric (TE) polarized light but passes TM polarized light around telecommunication wavelength (1550 nm). The TE polarized light totally vanishes but the TM polarized light propagates(More)
Pork is a major source of animal protein for humans. The subcutaneous, intermuscular and the intramuscular fat are the factors responsible for meat quality. RNA-seq is rapidly adopted for the profiling of the transcriptomes in the studies related to gene regulation. The discovery of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) between adult animals of Jeju Native(More)
This article presents a summary of the main findings from a collaborative research project between Aalto University in Finland and partner universities. A comparative process synthesis, modelling and thermal assessment was conducted for the production of Bio-synthetic natural gas (SNG) and hydrogen from supercritical water refining of a lipid extracted(More)
The next frontier in photonic crystal research may be to achieve dynamic tunability that allows real-time, on-demand control of the photonic band structure. Recently, researchers have been working on a new strategy for achieving this goal—by applying mechanical force. This approach can produce much greater tunability than is possible with electro-optic(More)
Under heavy-metal stress, CsHMA3 overexpressing transgenic Camelina plants displayed not only a better quality, but also a higher quantity of unsaturated fatty acids in their seeds compared with wild type. Camelina sativa L. belongs to the Brassicaceae family and is frequently used as a natural vegetable oil source, as its seeds contain a high content of(More)
Columbia-0 (Col-0) appears to be less tolerant to cadmium (Cd) than the Wassilewskija (Ws) ecotype that exhibits the full Heavy Metal ATPase3 (HMA3) coding sequence. However, the physiological and molecular mechanisms of HMA3 encoded by point mutation genes in Col-0 remain unknown. In this study, we investigate whether the different metal-related phenotype(More)