Won Min Park

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We report thermally triggered self-assembly of folded proteins into vesicles that incorporates globular proteins as building blocks. Leucine zipper coiled coils were combined with either globular proteins or elastin-like polypeptides as recombinant fusion proteins, which form "rod-coil" and "globule-rod-coil" protein complex amphiphiles. In aqueous(More)
Mimicry of biomineralization is an attractive strategy to fabricate nanostructured hybrid materials. While biomineralization involves processes that organize hybrid clusters into complex structures with hierarchy, arrangement of artificial components in biomimetic approaches has been challenging. Here, we demonstrate self-assembly of hierarchically(More)
Synthetic protein assemblies that adopt programmed shapes would support many applications in nanotechnology. We used a rational design approach that exploits the modularity of orthogonally interacting coiled coils to create a self-assembled protein nanotriangle. Coiled coils have frequently been used to construct nanoassemblies and materials, but rarely(More)
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