Won-Kyung Song

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– A new EMG pattern classification method based on soft computing techniques is proposed to help the disabled and the elderly handle rehabilitation robotic arm systems. First, it is shown that EMG is more useful than existing input devices, such as voice, a laser pointer, and a keypad in view of naturality, extensibility, and applicability. Next, through(More)
BACKGROUND It is necessary to analyze the kinematic properties of a paralyzed extremity to quantitatively determine the degree of impairment of hemiplegic people during functional activities of daily living (ADL) such as a drinking task. This study aimed to identify the kinematic differences between 16 hemiplegic and 32 able-bodied participants in relation(More)
Embryonic stem cells hold great promise for various diseases because of their unlimited capacity for self-renewal and ability to differentiate into any cell type in the body. However, despite over 3 decades of research, there have been no reports on the safety and potential efficacy of pluripotent stem cell progeny in Asian patients with any disease. Here,(More)