Won-Kook Hong

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One of the rst steps in improving a process is to understand the process, for example, by building descriptive models of the process. This paper addresses the elicitation of formal process models from real-world projects, using the Elicit method and tool, developed at McGill, and Statemate. In addition, the paper illustrates how formal models can make(More)
E@cient and effective studying of scientific papers is an important part of software engineering education. Moreover, it contributes to the knowledge necessary to carry out software research and development. However, we experienced numerous problems related to the many subactiuities of studying scientific papers. It turns out that many of them are analogous(More)
Nile is a multidisciplinary project building a distributed computing environment for HEP. It provides wide-area, fault-tolerant, integrated access to processing and data resources for collaborators of the CLEO experiment, though the goals and principles are applicable to many domains. Nile has three main objectives: a realistic distributed system(More)
There is an urgent need for tools for understanding commonality and variability amongst a set of projects, for example, those dealing with a line of products. We describe some of the problems faced in practice by practitioners dealing with multiple projects or families of products. We then describe a prototype system, called the Generaliser, aimed to assist(More)
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