Won-Jun Kim

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We propose a novel photonic application as well as an optical tool to verify the crystallinity of interface-grown graphene demonstrating passive mode-locked lasers. The interface growth process enables the formation of multi-layered graphene at an interface of substrate and catalyst, therefore directly onto the targeted substrate without a transfer process.(More)
Several kinds of nano-sized silica-based thermal insulation were prepared by dry processing of mixtures consisting of fumed silica, ceramic fiber, and a SiC opacifier. Infiltration of phenolic resin solution into the insulation, followed by hot-pressing, was attempted to improve the mechanical strength of the insulation. More than 22% resin content was(More)
Multilayer graphene is synthesized by a simplified process employing an evaporator in which a target substrate is deposited with a Ni catalyst layer before being heated to grow graphene directly. Carbon atoms adsorbed onto the surface of the Ni source as impurities from the atmosphere are incorporated into the catalyst layer during the deposition, and(More)
Using only a simple tube furnace, we demonstrate the synthesis of patterned graphene directly on a designed substrate without the need for an external carbon source. Carbon atoms are absorbed onto Ni evaporator sources as impurities, and incorporated into catalyst layers during the deposition. Heat treatment conditions were optimized so that the atoms(More)
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