Won Jee Chung

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Recently, interests on cleaning robots workable in pipes (termed as in-pipe cleaning robot) are increasing because Garbage Automatic Collection Facilities (i.e, GACF) are widely being installed in Seoul metropolitan area of Korea. So far research on in-pipe robot has been focused on inspection rather than cleaning. In GACF, when garbage is moving, we have(More)
Among the automation systems, hydraulic system which uses hydraulic fluid and conveys power, has a high density of power and facilitates a close control of load motion using a hydraulic actuator. Also, this hydraulic system has a quick response characteristic due to incompressibility. The swash plate type and bent axis type piston pumps which convert a(More)
In order to improve efficiency/productivity and thus facilitate work at industry sites, hydraulic system uses hydraulic fluid and has higher power density than other power transfer systems. A swash plate type variable piston pump among hydraulic equipment is the most important and basic component composing the hydraulic system, which plays a role of(More)