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Angiosperm seeds integrate various environmental signals, such as water availability and light conditions, to make a proper decision to germinate. Once the optimal conditions are sensed, gibberellin (GA) is synthesized, triggering germination. Among environmental signals, light conditions are perceived by phytochromes. However, it is not well understood how(More)
A cDNA and genomic DNA encoding an abscisic acid responsive gene (ASR) homologue (Asr1) was isolated from an inodorus melon, Cucumis melo var. kuwata, cDNA and genomic library. The Asr1 gene showed the strongest fruit-specific expression and differential expression profiles during fruit development, which were expressed from a low copy gene. The promoter(More)
Endoribonuclease E (RNase E) is a regulator of global gene expression in Escherichia coli and is the best studied member of the RNase E/G ribonuclease family. Homologues are present in other bacteria but the roles of plant RNase E/G-like proteins are not known. Arabidopsis thaliana contains a single nuclear gene (At2g04270) encoding a product with the(More)
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