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We present the application of a nonrandom sequence-tagged site (STS) content detection method in mapping an entire genome, that of fission yeast. The novelty of our strategy is in the use of STS probes made from both ends of cosmid clones, selected on the basis of "sample without replacement" (only library clones that show no previous positive hybridization(More)
A fully integrated 3 - 5GHz CMOS transceiver SoC for WBAN is presented in this paper. To achieve the low power and low complexity, OOK receiver architecture and the digital impulse generator are employed. For the rejection of the undesired interferers, the tunable RF notch filter is integrated and measured results show more than 9 dB improvement of the(More)
—A PLDRO (Phase Locked Dielectric Resonator Oscillator) with the output frequency of a fractional multiple of reference is proposed and implemented. The key element in the proposed PLDRO is an image rejection mixer placed between a VCDRO (Voltage Controlled Dielectric Resonator Oscillator) and SPD (Sampling Phase Detector). The image rejection mixer shifts(More)
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