Won Hyek Chang

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Patients with unilateral neglect have problems reporting, responding, or orienting to novel or meaningful stimuli that is presented to the side opposite to that of a brain lesion. This creates a serous problem in regards to daily living activities. However, the established methods for assessing and training of unilateral neglect patients have several(More)
In this paper, we propose a system for training of stroke patients with unilateral neglect by using technology of virtual reality (VR). The proposed system is designed to compensate for unilateral neglect. This system contains the calibration of unilateral neglect and the training of this disease. The calibration procedure is implemented by aligning the(More)
Technological advances and critical needs have led to a variety of smart devices designed for prevention and reduction of medication errors. The focus of this paper is on devices and tools that support medication administration for this purpose. They include smart medication carts, robots and dispensers for professionals, as well as smart dispensers for(More)
Feature Extraction is a process of extracting the point from the image such that the image can be compared and recognized easily and quickly. Since various feature extraction techniques are implemented so that it can be used for variety of applications such as face recognition. The existing technique implemented for the extraction of features such as SIFT,(More)
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