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Although N-myc amplification in neuroblastomas correlates with poor prognosis, not all neuroblastomas which fail to respond to therapy have N-myc amplification. To determine whether other modes of myc gene activation underlie progression of some neuroblastomas, 45 were analyzed for amplification of N-myc, c-myc and L-myc and 26 were studied for(More)
The most appropriate management of the multicystic dysplastic kidney remains controversial. At issue is the long-term risk of the development of malignancy in the multicystic dysplastic kidney. The association between renal dysplasia and neoplasia has not been confirmed, with only 6 cases of malignancy reported. Nephroblastomatosis, a probable precursor of(More)
Background/Aims: Astaxanthin (AX) has been attributed with potential for protecting the organism against different types of cancer due to its anti-oxidant activity. Also several in vivo and in vitro studies suggest certain naturally occurring vitamin E (i.e. α-tocopherol) as promising anticancer agents. We assessed the effect of AX and α-tocopherol (AT)(More)
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