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The access impedance of the power line channel is time variant. This feature of the power line channel is the main cause of impedance mismatching between the access impedance of the power line channel and the output impedance of the power line communication system and impedance mismatching lead to the problem of reducing the communication range. Therefore,(More)
We investigate synchronization in the presence of delay time modulation for application to communication. We have observed that the robust synchronization is established by a common delay signal and its threshold is presented using Lyapunov exponents analysis. The influence of the delay time modulation in chaotic oscillators is also discussed.(More)
INTRODUCTION As modern aircraft fly at higher altitudes with rapid velocity, pilots have been put in the environment with a possible increasing risk of brain injury and could sustain cumulative brain damage. However, very few studies have investigated brain lesions using MRI in asymptomatic pilots. We evaluated asymptomatic pilots for the presence of(More)
This paper presents a simple line coupler with adaptive impedance matching between the output impedance of the amplifier for signaling and the access impedance of the power line. The proposed line coupler that is suitable for amplitude shift keying (ASK) or phase shift keying (PSK) modems at the CENELEC B,C and D bands provides the simple structure and(More)
We propose a method for detection and tracking for objects under multiple cameras system. To track objects, one need to establish correspondence objects among multiple views. We apply the principal axis of objects and the homography constraint to match objects across multiple cameras. The principal axis belongs to the silhouette of objects that is extracted(More)
Combined system of high-rate anaerobic reactors for treating palm oil mill effluent (POME) was developed and investigated in this study. The system composed of one common primary hybrid reactor which was shared by two different secondary filter reactors. An overall COD removal efficiency of 93.5% was achieved in both systems. The secondary reactors(More)
The paper proposes and designs architecture of Java Card System(JCS), which has been emulated by ARM32bit, SAMSUNG MicroController for smart card. The proposed architecture can directly execute Java Card application into the RAM. JCS first backups the previous data about Java objects into the transaction buffer, then writes new data into EEPROM, during the(More)