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The Cmr1 gene in peppers confers resistance to Cucumber mosaic virus isolate-P0 (CMV-P0). Cmr1 restricts the systemic spread of CMV strain-Fny (CMV-Fny), whereas this gene cannot block the spread of CMV isolate-P1 (CMV-P1) to the upper leaves, resulting in systemic infection. To identify the virulence determinant of CMV-P1, six reassortant viruses and six(More)
The eukaryotic translation elongation factor 1 (eEF1) has two components: the G-protein eEF1A and the nucleotide exchange factor eEF1B. In plants, eEF1B is itself composed of a structural protein (eEF1Bγ) and two nucleotide exchange subunits (eEF1Bα and eEF1Bβ). To test the effects of elongation factors on virus infection, we isolated eEF1A and eEF1B genes(More)
Two Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa L. ssp. pekinensis) lines resistant to Turnip mosaic virus (TuMV) CHN5 were identified and found to have broad-spectrum resistance against three other TuMV strains (CHN2, 3, and 4). Genetic analysis indicated that this TuMV resistance is recessive, and a candidate gene approach was used to identify the resistance gene,(More)
Tobamovirus is one of most destructive viruses in Capsicum. Accordingly, the L locus, a resistance gene against tobamoviruses, has been used for pepper breeding programs. Previously, the L 3 gene, one of the L alleles, was isolated through map-based cloning, and a L 4 gene candidate was isolated by homology-based PCR methods. Here, the L4segF&R marker was(More)
Hibiscus syriacus (L.) (rose of Sharon) is one of the most widespread garden shrubs in the world. We report a draft of the H. syriacus genome comprised of a 1.75 Gb assembly that covers 92% of the genome with only 1.7% (33 Mb) gap sequences. Predicted gene modeling detected 87,603 genes, mostly supported by deep RNA sequencing data. To define gene family(More)
Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) is a destructive pathogen affecting Capsicum annuum (pepper) production. The pepper Cmr1 gene confers resistance to most CMV strains, but is overcome by CMV-P1 in a process dependent on the CMV-P1 RNA1 helicase domain (P1 helicase). Here, to identify host factors involved in CMV-P1 infection in pepper, a yeast two-hybrid library(More)
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