Wolfram T. Arnold

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Previous lesion studies have shown compromised complex object discrimination in rats, monkeys, and human patients with damage to the perirhinal cortical region (PRC) of the medial temporal lobe. These findings support the notion that the PRC is involved in object discrimination when pairs of objects have a high degree of overlapping features but not when(More)
Single cells from a patient (B. E., 65 years) have been isolated by collagenase treatment and cultivated in vitro. The human tumour of the mammary gland showed predominantly simple undifferentiated and also tubular structures. The 5th in vitro passage of these cells was characterized by DNA-distribution pattern, cell doubling time, chromosome number,(More)
We have briefly reviewed the literature pertaining to the movement of tracer molecules and infectious organisms within the olfactory nerve. There is a body of evidence indicating that tracers placed in the CSF will quickly move via the olfactory nerve to the nasal mucosa and then to the cervical lymph nodes. Organic and inorganic tracer materials and(More)
It has been demonstrated by a syngeneic metastatic model of the XVII mouse that pretreatment of the animals with BCG and Freund's adjuvant brings about a significant inhibition of metastatic growth. This inhibition is further increased by combined pretreatment with nonspecific stimulants and additional specific immunisation of the animals against the given(More)
Heat-killed or formalin-killed BCG vaccine caused statistically significant increases in weight of lungs, spleen and liver, which were in the same range as after administration of equal doses of viable BCG vaccine. Similarly, there was no quantitative or temporal difference in the phosphatase-positive proliferations of the RHS in liver spleen and lungs when(More)
Using four mouse tumor systems--leukemia L1210, i.m. mammary carcinoma 1142A, Lewis lung carcinoma, metastatic model of the mammary carcinoma 1142A--a combined treatment consisting of vincristine--cyclophosphamide--metrotrexate--5-fluorouracil is superior to a combined treatment with carminomycin--dibromodulcitol. The treatment with carminomycin and(More)