Wolfram Martens

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—We consider an optimal stopping formulation of the mission monitoring problem, where a monitor vehicle must remain in close proximity to an autonomous robot that stochas-tically follows a pre-planned trajectory. This problem arises when autonomous underwater vehicles are monitored by surface vessels, and in a diverse range of other scenarios. The key(More)
This paper presents an extension of Gaussian process implicit surfaces (GPIS) by the introduction of geometric object priors. The proposed method enhances the probabilistic reconstruction of objects from three-dimensional (3-D) pointcloud data, providing a rigorous way of incorporating prior knowledge about objects expected in a scene. The key ideas,(More)
Technical systems are subjected to a variety of excitations that cannot generally be described in deterministic ways. External disturbances like wind gusts or road roughness as well as uncertainties in system parameters can be described by random variables, with statistical parameters identified through measurements , for instance. For general systems the(More)
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