Wolfram Laaser

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Bei der orthodontischen Zahnbewegung am Behandlungsbogen tritt stets das Phänomen der Friktion zwischen Bracket und Draht störend in Erscheinung. Über das Ausmaß des durch Friktion verursachten Kraftverlustes besteht bislang nur wenig Klarheit. Zur Messung der Reibungskräfte kommt eine Meßapparatur mit variablem Drehmoment zur Bracketangulation zur(More)
Orthodontic tooth movement along the arch wire is associated with a frictional force between bracket and wire. There is as yet little certainty as to how much force is lost as a result of friction. Therefore a measuring apparatus was used to measure torque in relation to bracket angulation. In all, five types of wire, each of different dimensions were(More)
Starting from some basic characteristics of instructional video and TV steps in production and organization will be described in detail. Then the scope is extended to discuss more general design concepts in instructional filming. As video sequences frequently form part of multimedia instructional software the respective production and design concepts gain(More)
The main characteristic of Distance Learning is that the student is taught and learns without his tutor’s physical presence in the classroom. The opportunity for a direct (face to face) communication between all members of the educational group [tutor counselor (TC) and students] in Distance Learning is offered by the Tutorials/Contact Sessions (CS).(More)
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