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Einstein metrics of volume 1 on a closed manifold can be characterized variationally as the critical points of the Hilbert action [Hi], which associates to each Riemannian metric of volume 1 the integral of its scalar curvature. As is well-known, the gradient vector of the Hilbert action with respect to the natural L 2 metric is precisely the negative of(More)
We provide an exhaustive description of all simply connected positively curved cohomogeneity one manifolds. The description yields a complete classification in all dimensions but 7, where in addition to known examples, our list contains one exceptional space and two infinite families not yet known to carry metrics of positive curvature. The infinite(More)
We examine topological properties of the seven-dimensional positively curved Eschenburg biquotients and find many examples which are homeomorphic but not diffeomorphic. A special subfamily of these manifolds also carries a 3-Sasakian metric. Among these we construct a pair of 3-Sasakian spaces which are diffeomorphic to each other, thus giving rise to the(More)
Most examples of manifolds with non-negative sectional curvature are obtained via product and quotient constructions, starting from compact Lie groups with bi-invariant metrics. In [GZ1] a new large class of non-negatively curved compact manifolds was constructed by using Lie group actions whose quotients are one-dimensional, so called cohomogeneity one(More)