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Let p be a prime with p≡3 (mod 4), let n be an odd natural number and let . Consider the crosscorrelation funtion C d (t)=∑ i =1 pn−1 ζ ai − adi−t where ζ≠1 is a complex p-th root of unity and (a i ) is a maximal linear shift register sequence. In 7 the bound has been computed for p = 3. In this note we generalize this to for p≥ 3. Furthermore we giv an(More)
Using representation theoretical methods we investigate self-dual group codes and their extensions in characteristic 2. We prove that the existence of a self-dual extended group code heavily depends on a particular structure of the group algebra KG which can be checked by an easy-to-handle criteria in elementary number theory. Surprisingly, in the binary(More)