Wolfgang Wienand

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The synthesis of a novel water-soluble guanidiniocarbonyl pyrrole carboxylate zwitterion 2 is described, and its self-association in aqueous solutions is studied. Zwitterion 2 forms extremely stable 1:1 dimers which are held together by an extensive hydrogen bonding network in combination with two mutual interacting ion pairs as could be shown by ESI MS and(More)
The self-association of individual molecules can lead to the formation of highly complex and fascinating supramolecular aggregates. However, for binding motifs which rely only on hydrogen bonds, a combination of several such weak interactions is necessary to observe self-association in solution. Systems based on four hydrogen bonds in a linear array can be(More)
A new type of [1]rotaxanes containing two aliphatic bridges between axle and wheel is obtained in 39% yield in a one-step synthesis starting from a [2]rotaxane which contained one sulfonamide group each in both the wheel and the axle. Temperature controlled chemoselective substitution reactions first at these sulfonamide nitrogens and then subsequently at(More)
An artificial dipeptide receptor (1) was designed and observed to bind the deprotonated dipeptide Ac-D-Ala-D-Ala-OH in buffered water with K = 33,100 M(-1), whereas other dipeptides such as Ac-Gly-Gly-OH or Ac-D-Val-D-Val-OH were bound less efficiently, by factors of more than 10 (K < 3000 M(-1)). The efficient binding and the pronounced sequence(More)
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