Wolfgang Werth

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Production sciences and manufacturing technologies are worldwide a central element for societies which take profit and welfare by their producing industries. Especially in the highly industrialized countries it has to be considered that these production plants can only be operated with highly qualified staff.In this contribution we demonstrate a structure(More)
This paper describes the realization of a modern flexible production unit - as output of the international SIAT project “Koop Flexible Automation”, which combines various disciplines of process automation, e.g. robotics, process control for CNC-based manufacturing, image processing and analysis [1]. It will be also shown how this production(More)
Teaching programming skills in schools having non-technical background is seen as a challenging task. In this paper an approach is described where mobile robots are used to get students of non-technical schools interested in programming tasks. The proposed method tries to combine pupils play instinct with the intrinsic motivation to win a challenge. Thereby(More)
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