Wolfgang Weihs

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In this paper, a novel imaging technique for enhancing 3-D vision is proposed. The enhancement is achieved with the help of 3-D time-of-flight camera, this 3D camera delivers the intensity and depth information of the scene in real time. Although this kind of 3-D cameras provide accurate depth information, its low 2-D image resolution tends to be a(More)
The phases of the CP-violating amplitudes in K°-*~+~ and K°~2n ° decays, ¢~+ _ =46.9 ° + 2.2: and 000=47.1 ° + 2.8% have been measured in the same experiment, and a direct comparison gives the phase difference ¢co-0+ =0.2 ° + 2.9 °. This result leads to an upper limit on possible CPT violation in the K ° mass matrix, of I ( mR~ mKo )/m~:o I < 5 × I 0~8 at(More)
The multipath interference (MPI) adds noises to the time-of-flight (TOF) measurements and then causes depth estimation inaccuracy. This paper combines multi-frequency TOF (MFT) acquisition and compressive sensing (CS) approaches to reconstruct the multipath reflections. Mismatch model and depth resolution problems will be analyzed to achieve a good(More)
Time-of-flight (Tof) imaging based on the photonic mixer device (PMD) or similar ToF imaging solutions has been limited to short distances in the past, due to limited lighting devices and low sensitivity of ToF imaging chips. Long-range distance measurements are typically the domain of laser scanning systems. In this paper, PMD based medium- and long-range(More)
This paper introduces a new scenario, named combined based on minimum distance orthogonal matching pursuit (CMD-OMP) which utilizes the strength of two available recovery methods at different ranges of minimum distance. Particularly, OMP with a global optimization and non-negative constrained least square algorithm (a MATLAB function implemented as OMP with(More)
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