Wolfgang Walcher

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Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) has been implicated in regulation of feto-maternal tolerance and protection against intracellular and extracellular pathogens. We have studied the expression of IDO in the human female reproductive tract and the placenta by immunohistochemistry. Endometrial glandular and surface epithelial cells showed increasing IDO(More)
Providing WWW access to remote sensing data requires to hold on-line not only the raw sensor data but also a variety of derived products. Pre-processing all these data introduces high costs for processing and archiving a static set of standard products. On-demand processing of data products is more flexible and requires less storage space but also makes it(More)
The analysis of rare cells is not an easy task. This is especially true when cells representing a fetal microchimerism are to be utilized for the purpose of non-invasive prenatal diagnosis because it is both imperative and difficult to avoid contaminating the minority of fetal cells with maternal ones. Under these conditions, even highly specific(More)
  • W Walcher
  • 1975
An increase in the developments of somatised illness and the mixture of nosological forms together with a growing tendency towards chronicity are evident in a looming change in the style of depressive psychoses. Vegetative vital emotions remain the leading symptoms of larvate depression. A lasting effect cannot be achieved by means of conventional somatic(More)
The Digital Interactive Venus Atlas (DIVA) is a remote sensing information system for a catalog of SAR radar image data from the Magellan mission to Venus (1990–1994). The system consists of a Java based user interface accessible via the WWW, an image map pyramid covering almost the entire Venusian surface, a remote interface to a data archive and a(More)
Amitriptyline and mianserin were compared in a double-blind trial. Most of the depressive symptoms were influenced by both drugs, though quantitative and qualitative differences became evident. Amitriptyline predominantly influenced anxiety, despair and suicidal tendencies, while mianserin was particularly effective in psychomotor inhibition and the(More)
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