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In the present paper, the influence of a pressure gradient on the acoustic roughness receptivity is investigated by means of wind tunnel experiments and Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS). The receptivity function for three different locations of a 3-D surface non-uniformity on a 2-D airfoil is calculated from the experimental and numerical data and(More)
Within the work of the EU-funded SIROCCO project new airfoils for the tip region of two reference wind turbines are being designed with the objective to reduce the trailing-edge noise while maintaining the performance. The present paper focuses on the description of the optimization tools along with the aerodynamic and aeroacoustic prediction methods used.(More)
The present paper is devoted to the detailed experimental study of weakly nonli-near resonant interactions of Tollmien-Schlichting waves in a specially designed 2D non self-similar boundary layer on an airfoil. The influence of the fundamental frequency on the efficiency of the tuned subharmonic resonance is investigated as well as the influence of(More)
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