Wolfgang Volk

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Multiple techniques of pelvic fixation exist. Distal fixation to the pelvis is crucial for spinal deformity surgery. Fixation techniques such as transiliac bars, iliac bolts, and iliosacral screws are commonly used, but these techniques may require separate incisions for placement, leading to potential wound complications and increased dissection.(More)
Several therapeutic approaches to sepsis and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) have shown promising results in animal models. Large controlled trials in humans, however, have failed to show a clearly beneficial effect of a single drug or substance on outcome and survival so that treatment remains uncertain. As one researcher stated: ". . . sepsis(More)
Effective treatment of knee extensor mechanism disruptions requires prompt diagnosis and thoughtful decision-making with surgical and nonsurgical approaches. When surgery is chosen, excellent surgical technique can result in excellent outcomes. Complications and failures arise from missed or delayed diagnoses and from technical problems in the operating(More)
13 psychotic patients developing various degrees of postural hypotension during neuroleptic or antidepressant treatment were additionally given either placebo or a mineralocorticoid or a sympathomimetic drug. As shown by Schellong tests during therapy the best effect on postural hypotension was achieved by the mineralocorticoid. The statistical evaluation(More)