Wolfgang Tillmann

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A 12-month-old infant presented with cerebral seizures and neurological deficits. MRI scan of the brain and angiography showed massive cerebral venous sinus thrombosis complicated by a dural arteriovenous fistula. Subsequent clotting analysis revealed a protein S deficiency. Screening for inherited coagulation inhibitor deficiency is recommended in children(More)
To use the manifold possibilities that arc spraying offers to deposit wear resistance layers, the knowledge of the particle formation and their characteristics are necessary. The work is focused on studying the particle trajectories during arc spraying with cored wires. Different cored wires under various spraying parameters are investigated by means of a(More)
A 38-year-old patient showed monocular nonprogressing pigmentary changes for 8 years, with nearly normal blood vessels and scarcely restricted dark-adaptation. ERG and VER were different from those of the other eye. The affected eye had full vision and an annular scotoma corresponding to the pigmentary changes. The other eye was amblyopic due to strabismus.(More)
The following unusual lesions have been seen, caused by splintered motor-car windscreens: 1. complete evulsion of the globe in combination with a visual field defect of the upper temporal quadrant of the other eye, 2. luxation of the globe, where an alleged lost big portion of the upper lid was dislocated deep into the orbit by glass splinters.