Wolfgang Thulke

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The tuning range and threshold current of the tunable twin-guide (TTG) laser are calculated as a function of the relevant device parameters. It is shown that a maximum continuous tuning range up to 6-7 nm and low threshold currents around 25 mA can be expected with adequately designed 2 mu m wide and 400 mu m long 1.56 mu m TTG lasers. A comparison of the(More)
Tunable twin-guide (TTG) laser diodes have been fabricated using metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) exclusively for all epitaxy stages. A significant performance improvement over previous experiments has been achieved with an effective current confinement in a considerably simpler laser structure. As a consequence, continuous wavelength tuning over(More)
Monolithic integration of a distributed feedback (DFB) surface-emitting laser diode with a microlens is demonstrated. The transverse and longitudinal cross-sectional views of the laser diode are illustrated. The microlens and a DFB laser structure are located on opposite sides of an n-InP substrate. 11 mA minimum continuous wave (CW) threshold current and 5(More)
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