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A test system for cell viability based on colony formation has been established and applied to high resolution fluorescence microscopy and single molecule detection. Living cells were irradiated either by epi-illumination or by total internal reflection (TIR) of a laser beam, and light doses where at least 90% of irradiated cells survived were determined.(More)
Cleavage of APP by BACE is the first proteolytic step in the production of Amyloid beta (Abeta, which accumulates in senile plaques in Alzheimer's disease. BACE-cleavage of APP is thought to happen in endosomes. However, there are controversial data whether APP and BACE can already interact on the cell surface dependent on the cholesterol level. To examine(More)
BACKGROUND Hypericin (HYP) is a naturally occurring photosensitizer. Cellular uptake and photodynamic inactivation after incubation with this photosensitizer have neither been examined in medulloblastoma cells in vitro, nor compared with 5-aminolevulinic acid-derived protoporphyrin IX (5-ALA-derived PpIX). METHODS In 3 medulloblastoma cell lines (D283(More)
This paper presents our work and research findings on developing the concept of a multiuser shared environment for culture, performance, art and entertainment. It introduces artistic concepts of multiuser spaces focusing on the notion of virtual space as stage setting and on the behaviours and interactions of people within it. The VRML based demonstrator "(More)
This paper presents an agent-based approach to semantic exploration and knowledge discovery in large information spaces by means of capturing, visualizing and making usable implicit knowledge structures of a group of users. The focus is on the developed conceptual model and system for creation and collaborative use of personalized learning knowledge maps.(More)
The Responsive Workbench (RW) is designed to support end users as scientists, engineers, physicians, and architects working on desks, workbenches, and tables with an adequate human-machine interface. We construct a speciic interface for this class of users by working in an interdisciplinary team from the start. The system is explained and evaluated in(More)
" 15 seconds of fame " is an interactive installation which every 15 seconds generates a new pop-art portrait of a randomly selected person from the audience. The installation was inspired by Andy Warhol's ironical statement that " In the future everybody will be famous for 15 minutes ". The installation detects human faces to crop them from the wide-angle(More)
The MARS Exploratory Media Lab at the Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication is developing a model for an on-line media laboratory as Competence Centre for digital art, culture and technology. To this end, the Internet platform netzspannung.org is being developed as an open distributed toolbox for knowledge discovery and experimentation with networked(More)