Wolfgang Straff

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OBJECTIVE The association between the exposure to road traffic noise and the prevalence of hypertension was assessed accounting for background air pollution and the location of rooms with respect to the road. METHODS A cross-sectional study was carried out inviting all subjects aged 35-74 years for participation that lived on 7 major trunk roads in 3-4(More)
BACKGROUND Teenagers and young adults frequently develop maculopapular exanthema following amoxicillin intake within infectious mononucleosis. The underlying pathomechanisms are still largely unknown. OBJECTIVES To investigate whether amoxicillin-induced exanthema in florid infectious mononucleosis is a disease-associated phenomenon or results from(More)
There is little data on the distribution of biomonitoring parameters in patients at outpatient Units of Environmental Medicine (UEM). We evaluated the biomonitoring parameters of 646 UEM outpatients from our University Hospital 1988-1998. Few patients were exposed to specific substances. Data of patients who were not obviously exposed was analysed(More)
Kontaktallergien sind häufige Erkrankungen und haben für die Betroffenen nicht selten wirtschaftliche und soziale Folgen. Die Inzidenz des klinisch manifesten allergischen Kontaktekzems liegt nach Hochrechnungen des Informationsverbunds dermatologischer Kliniken (IVDK; http://www.ivdk.org) in der Allgemeinbevölkerung zwischen 1,8 und 7 pro 1000 Einwohner(More)
BACKGROUND Global climate changes may influence the geographical spread of allergenic plants thus causing new allergen challenges. OBJECTIVE Allergy patients from two German federal states were compared for their status quo sensitization to ragweed, an establishing allergen, olive, a non-established allergen, and the native allergens birch, mugwort, and(More)
Flow cytometry is a method widely used to quantify suspended solids such as cells or bacteria in a size range from 0.5 to several tens of micrometers in diameter. In addition to a characterization of forward and sideward scatter properties, it enables the use of fluorescent labeled markers like antibodies to detect respective structures. Using indirect(More)
Neben Effektmonitoring und Umweltmonitoring stellt das humane Biomonitoring (HBM) eine attraktive Methode zur Untersuchung von Verteilung und Ausmaß anthropogener Umweltnoxen bei Individuen oder Bevölkerungsgruppen dar. Zur umweltmedizinischen Interpretation der Messergebnisse aus Umweltuntersuchungen oder -studien stehen allerdings keine Beurteilungswerte(More)
Contact allergies are frequent diseases and often lead to social and economic consequences for the patients. The incidence of the clinically manifest allergic contact eczema is between 1.8 and 7 per 1,000 per year, according to the data of the Information Network of Departments of Dermatology (IVDK; http://www.ivdk.org). Contact allergies are frequently(More)
Fragrances are increasingly used in private and public domains. Over recent years the olfactory sense has been paid more and more scientific and economic attention. While on the one hand bad smells are counteracted by fragrances, marketing experts are now trying to introduce this sense into multimedia-based experiences. Technical means are used to address(More)
BACKGROUND At Holi festivals, originally celebrated in India but more recently all over the world, people throw coloured powder (Holi powder, Holi colour, Gulal powder) at each other. Adverse health effects, i.e. skin and ocular irritations as well as respiratory problems may be the consequences. The aim of this study was to uncover some of the underlying(More)