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— Matching 2D range scans is a basic component of many localization and mapping algorithms. Most scan match algorithms require finding correspondences between the used features, i.e. points or lines. We propose an alternative representation for a range scan, the Normal Distributions Transform. Similar to an occupancy grid, we subdivide the 2D plane into(More)
Interactive environments for dynamically deforming objects play an important role in surgery simulation and entertainment technology. These environments require fast deformable models and very efficient collision handling techniques. While collision detection for rigid bodies is well-investigated, collision detection for deformable objects introduces(More)
In recent years, substantial progress has been achieved in the area of volume visualization on irregular grids, which is mainly based on tetrahedral meshes. Even moderately fine tetrahedral meshes consume several mega-bytes of storage. For archivation and transmission compression algorithms are essential. In scientific applications lossless compression(More)
We present a new algorithm for rendering very large volume data sets at interactive framerates on standard PC hardware. The algorithm accepts scalar data sampled on a regular grid as input. The input data is converted into a compressed hierarchical wavelet representation in a preprocessing step. During rendering, the wavelet representation is decompressed(More)