Wolfgang Steiner

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Thrombin, a multifunctional serine protease, recognizes multiple macromolecular substrates and plays a key role in both procoagulant and anticoagulant functions. The substrate specificity of thrombin involves two electropositive surfaces, the fibrinogen-recognition and heparin-binding exosites. The SELEX process is a powerful combinatorial methodology for(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effectiveness of organ-preserving CO2 laser microsurgery for the treatment of piriform sinus carcinoma. METHODS A retrospective review of 129 previously untreated patients undergoing CO2 laser microsurgery for the treatment of squamous cell carcinomas of the piriform sinus from 1981 to December 1996 was undertaken. The intention(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze the impact of anterior commissure involvement on local control, survival, and laryngeal preservation in patients with early glottic cancer (pT1a-pT2a) treated with unimodality laser microsurgical resection. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective review of 263 patients with early glottic cancer treated between 1986 and 1996. METHODS Data on(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the role of transoral laser resection of supraglottic carcinomas. DESIGN Retrospective unicenter study of the oncologic results of transoral carbon dioxide laser microsurgery for supraglottic carcinomas performed between February 1979 and December 1993. Median follow-up was 37 months. SETTING University hospital academic tertiary(More)
OBJECTIVE To report the oncologic and functional outcomes of transoral laser microsurgery (TLM) in the treatment of advanced laryngeal cancer. DESIGN Prospective case series study. SETTING Multi-institution (academic, tertiary referral centers). PATIENTS A total of 117 patients with pathologically confirmed T2 to T4 lesions, stage III or stage IV,(More)
Forty-eight untreated patients with early supraglottic carcinoma (12 patients stage I and 36 patients stage II) had primary carbon dioxide laser microsurgery between 1979 and 1994 with the intent of complete tumor removal with preservation of functionally important structures of the larynx. Ninety-six percent of the patients were treated exclusively by(More)
Bei 48 lasermikrochirurgisch operierten Patienten mit frühen supraglottischen Karzinomen (pT1/2(p)N0) betrug die Fünfjahresrate für die lokale Kontrolle 92% und bei 50 Patienten mit supraglottischen Karzinomen der Kategorie pT3N0/N+ 86%. Die Ergebnisse erlauben die Schlussfolgerung, dass die Lasermikrochirurgie zur Behandlung früher Stimmlippenkarzinome(More)
The increasing number of deer-vehicle-accidents (DVAs) and the resulting economic costs have promoted numerous studies on behavioural and environmental factors which may contribute to the quantity, spatiotemporal distribution and characteristics of DVAs. Contrary to the spatial pattern of DVAs, data of their temporal pattern is scarce and difficult to(More)
BACKGROUND Transoral laser microsurgery is successfully performed in the treatment of primary laryngeal carcinomas. Few publications deal with the application in patients with recurrent glottic carcinomas after radiation failure. Our study aims to review our experience with transoral laser microsurgery in these patients. METHODS Thirty-four patients with(More)