Wolfgang Steffen

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We present a flexible interactive 3D morpho-kinematical modeling application for astrophysics. Compared to other systems, our application reduces the restrictions on the physical assumptions, data type, and amount that is required for a reconstruction of an object's morphology. It is one of the first publicly available tools to apply interactive graphics to(More)
Three-dimensional models of complex astrophysical objects like galaxies or planetary nebulae have numerous applications in science, education and entertainment. The large distance of these objects, however, makes it difficult to obtain depth information, and conventional image-based 3D reconstruction algorithms and modeling tools are most often not able to(More)
Distant astrophysical objects like planetary nebulae can normally only be observed from a single point of view, which makes deducing plausible 3D models a hard task that usually involves a lot of manual work [Nadeau et al. 2001]. However, additional physical assumptions can be used in order to estimate the missing depth information. In previous work [Wenger(More)
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