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Discrete solitons with two frequency components mutually locked by a quadratic nonlinearity have been observed for the first time. Optical experiments have been performed in arrays of coupled channel waveguides with tunable cascaded quadratic nonlinearity. The tunability was the prerequisite that soliton species with different topology could be identified(More)
Quantum teleportation is a cornerstone of quantum information science due to its essential role in several important tasks such as the long-distance transmission of quantum information using quantum repeaters. In this context, a challenge of paramount importance is the distribution of entanglement between remote nodes, and to use this entanglement as a(More)
Parametric gain associated with discrete modulational instability due to the second order nonlinearity chi(2)(-2omega;omega,omega) was investigated experimentally in periodically poled lithium niobate arrays of weakly coupled channel waveguides for conditions of both positive and negative phase-mismatch for second harmonic generation.
We report the first observation of discrete quadratic surface solitons in self-focusing and defocusing periodically poled lithium niobate waveguide arrays. By operating on either side of the phase-matching condition and using the cascading nonlinearity, both in-phase and staggered discrete surface solitons were observed. This represents the first(More)
We report the first observation of discrete Talbot revivals in one-dimensional waveguide arrays. Unlike continuous systems where the Talbot self-imaging effect always occurs irrespective of the pattern period, in discrete configurations this process is only possible for a specific set of periodicities. Recurrence of different input periodic patterns is(More)
We experimentally demonstrate the possibility of retrieving the spatial coherence of an infrared source by using an up-conversion interferometer. Sum-frequency generation in Ti-diffused periodically poled lithium-niobate waveguides in both arms of the interferometer is used to convert the infrared into the visible domain. The fringe contrast of the(More)
LN photonic wires of cross-section dimensions down to 1 x 0.73 microm2 were fabricated by Ar milling of a single-crystalline LiNbO3 (LN) film bonded to a SiO2/LiNbO3 substrate. Mode intensity distributions, propagation losses, and group indices of refraction were measured at 1.55 microm wavelength and compared with simulation results. Moreover, effective(More)
We demonstrate phase-insensitive, ultrafast, all-optical spatial switching and frequency conversion in quadratically nonlinear waveguide arrays in periodically poled lithium niobate. Routing of milliwatt signals with wavelengths in the communication band (1550 nm) is achieved without pulse distortions by parametric interaction with a control beam with 10-W(More)