Wolfgang Sohler

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Quantum teleportation is a cornerstone of quantum information science due to its essential role in several important tasks such as the long-distance transmission of quantum information using quantum repeaters. In this context, a challenge of paramount importance is the distribution of entanglement between remote nodes, and to use this entanglement as a(More)
Plasma etching of lithium niobate with fluorine gases is limited by the redeposition LiF. This results in a low etch rate and nonvertically etched walls. Etching of proton-exchanged lithium niobate can prevent the LiF deposition to a large extent because of the greatly reduced lithium concentration in lithium niobate. We performed different inductively(More)
Using optical phase conjugation with a polarization independent periodically-poled lithium-niobate subsystem, we demonstrate dense WDM 2x10Gbit/s RZ-DQPSK transmission over 10,200km of SSMF with a record accumulated dispersion, exceeding 80,000ps/nm.
We demonstrate all-optical switching using the cascaded second order nonlinearity in a fully integrated, asymmetric Mach Zehnder interferometer implemented in lithium niobate channel waveguides. We obtained an 8:1 switching ratio. In all optical switching, the required nonlinear phase shift is produced by the light itself. Typically this phase shift has(More)
Incoherent broad-bandwidth cw-pumping singly resonant Ti:LiNbO 3 integrated optical parametric oscillators, in the quasi-phase-matched nondegenerate type I {eee} configuration, may efficiently generate coherent signal output by the convection-induced phase-locking mechanism. The incoherence of the pump is absorbed by the idler wave, propagating at the same(More)
We present an integrated source of polarization entangled photon pairs in the telecom regime, which is based on type II-phasematched parametric down-conversion (PDC) in a Ti-indiffused waveguide in periodically poled lithium niobate. The domain grating - consisting of an interlaced bi-periodic structure - is engineered to provide simultaneous phase-matching(More)