Wolfgang Schreml

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Adjuvant chemotherapy allows a study of the effects of cytotoxic drugs on natural human haematopoiesis. We describe serial studies of granulopoiesis performed during and after intermittent adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer (adriamycin plus cyclophosphamide, given for six courses at monthly intervals). After drug administration, a sequential wave of(More)
An average of 17% of rabbit reticulocyte ribosomes are closely bound to the cell membrane. Evidence is presented to indicate that membrane binding of reticulocyte ribosomes is not an artifact. Membrane-bound reticulocyte ribosomes differ in physical and chemical properties from free reticulocyte ribosomes in having a high coefficient of sedimentation(More)
 The goal of the project was to integrate essential elements of palliative care into the regular duties of an internal ward located in a general hospital serving a rural area. To achieve this goal, the medical and nursing staff was moderately expanded, which was made possible by a grant from the Deutsche Krebshilfe, and training and supervision were(More)
The human tumor colony-forming assay was used to compare primary tumors with their metastases. Cell suspensions were prepared from 38 primary tumors and from metastases taken simultaneously from the same patient. Considerable differences were observed. Cloning efficiency was significantly higher in the cell suspensions taken from metastases than from(More)
Die Reaktion einer normalen menschlichen Granulopoese auf hochdosierte zytostatische Chemotherapie (Cyclophosphamid 2000 mg/m2 plus Vincristin 1,4 mg/m2 oder Adriamycin 20 mg/m2) wurde bei 6 Patienten längsschnittartig charakterisiert. Die granulopoetisch determinierten Stammzellen (CFU-C) des Marks (Agar-Kulturtechnik) und die Zellen des(More)
Histologische Schnitte methacrylat-eingebetteter Knochenmarksbiopsien erlauben wegen der hervorragend erhaltenen Zellstrukturen eine genaue Beurteilung des Knochenmarks. Wir haben eine einfache Methode entwickelt, um aspirierte Knochenmarksbröckel nach Methacrylateinbettung histologisch aufzuarbeiten. Die histologischen Präparate solcher Bröckelhistologien(More)
The present studies were performed to determine whether the sensitivity of a normal human granulopoiesis to Adriamycin changes after repeated exposure to the drug in vivo. A single-layer agar culture for the in vitro growth of granulocytic colonies from committed stem cells was used as the assay system. The in vitro sensitivity of the human granulopoiesis(More)
The reaction pattern of the normal (nonleukemic) human granulopoietic system to single-agent treatment with 5-fluorouracil (FUra) and to a combination of FUra with two nitrosoureas, 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea (BCNU) and 1-(2-chloroethyl)-3-(4-methylcyclohexyl)-1-nitrosourea (MeCCNU), was studied serially by morphologic and in vitro culture(More)