Wolfgang Schreiner

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Due to their heterogeneous nature, which stems from the definition of several XML-based standards to overcome platform and language dependence, Web Services have become an emerging and promising technology to design and build complex inter-enterprise business applications out of single Web-based software components. To establish the existence of a global(More)
P H Y S IC A L D E S C R IP T IO N Figure 1. Mathemati al Servi e Des ription Language Layers 2.1 Problem Class We begin by attempting a lassi ation/taxonomy of problem lasses. This rst oarse distin tion is intended as a guideline on how to further spe ify a spe i problem instan e. The underlying idea is that a omputing problem might have a di erent des(More)
There is a marked difference in the structure of the arterial tree between epi- and endocardial layers of the human heart. To model these structural variations, we developed an extension to the computational method of constrained constructive optimization (CCO). Within the framework of CCO, a model tree is represented as a dichotomously branching network of(More)
We present a toolkit for developing and visualizing distributed algorithms in Java. This toolkit consists of a Java class library with a simple programming interface that allows to develop distributed algorithms in a message passing model. The resulting programs may be executed in standalone mode using a Java interpreter or embedded as applets into HTML(More)
We present an approach to the runtime monitoring of network traffic for the violation of properties specified in classical predicate logic. The properties are expressed by quantified formulas which are interpreted over sequences of messages, i.e., the quantified variable denotes a position in the sequence. Using the ordering of stream positions and nested(More)
BACKGROUND The polycomb complex protein BMI-1 (BMI-1) is a putative oncogene reported to be overexpressed in multiple myeloma (MM). Silencing of BMI-1 was shown to impair the growth and survival of MM cells. However, therapeutic agents specifically targeting BMI-1 were not available so far. Here, we investigated PTC-209, a novel small molecule inhibitor of(More)
INTRODUCTION The goal of the present study was to compare the pattern of coronary capillaries in healthy participants and in patients with end-stage heart failure due to idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), ischemic cardiomyopathy (ICM), or inflammatory cardiomyopathy (InfCM). METHODS Capillary patterns were studied in histological sections from(More)
This paper describes an extension of the ebXML registry for publishing and discovering mathematical service descriptions. The MathBroker registry is able to handle descriptions given in the mathematical service description language, a language designed ad-hoc for capturing the semantics of Web services dealing with mathematical problems. The registry is(More)