Wolfgang Schima

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Hepatobiliary contrast agents with uptake into hepatocytes followed by variable biliary excretion represent a unique class of cell-specific MR contrast agents. Two hepatobiliary contrast agents, mangafodipir trisodium and gadobenate dimeglumine, are already clinically approved. A third hepatobiliary contrast agent, Gd-EOB-DTPA, is under consideration. The(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated the clinical significance of pharyngeal retention to predict aspiration in patients with dysphagia. MATERIALS AND METHODS At videofluoroscopy, pharyngeal retention was found in 108 (28%; 73 males, 35 females; mean age, 60 years) of 386 patients with a suspected deglutition disorder. Swallowing function was assessed(More)
OBJECTIVE Selecting the appropriate surgical procedure for treatment of patients with osteosarcoma requires accurate preoperative evaluation of tumor extent. Establishing the presence or absence of joint involvement is particularly important. Accordingly, we studied the efficacy of MR imaging for detecting joint involvement in 46 patients with osteosarcoma(More)
PURPOSE To determine, by decreasing hepatic perfusion during radiofrequency (RF) ablation, whether perfusion-mediated tissue cooling can explain the reduced coagulation observed in in vivo studies compared to that seen with RF application in ex vivo tissue. MATERIALS AND METHODS RF was applied in vivo with use of cooled-tip electrodes to normal porcine(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the accuracy of MR enteroclysis in patients with Crohn’s disease recurrence after ileocolic resection and to establish an MR scoring sytem. MR enteroclysis and endoscopy were performed in 30 patients with suspected Crohn’s disease recurrence after ileocolic resection. Findings were evaluated by three radiologists,(More)
Mature teratoma of the pancreas is an unusual tumor. Like all teratomas it results from abnormal embryonal development of toti potent cells. Their contents may vary and may consist of ectodermal, endodermal, and mesodermal tissues. The radiologic appearance of these lesions depends on the proportions of various tissues of which they are composed. We report,(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the diagnostic sensitivity of unenhanced magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, and MR imaging with a new superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO)-enhanced contrast agent (SHU 555 A) with biphasic helical computed tomography during arterial portography (CTAP) in patients with focal liver lesions. Eighteen patients with a total(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of our study was to assess the diagnostic potential of helical CT-enteroclysis (HCTE) and to correlate our findings to endoscopic and surgical results. METHODS Twenty-eight consecutive patients suffering from histologic proven Crohn disease underwent HCTE and endoscopy within 4 weeks. HCTE findings were read by two observers in(More)
PURPOSE To determine the accuracy for detection and characterization of focal hepatic lesions of nonenhanced, superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO)-enhanced, or a combination of nonenhanced and SPIO-enhanced MR imaging and contrast-enhanced spiral computed tomography (CT). MATERIALS AND METHODS Spiral CT and T2-weighted SPIO-enhanced(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of our study was to assess the diagnostic value of CT enteroclysis compared with conventional enteroclysis in patients with Crohn's disease. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Fifty consecutive patients (26 women, 24 men; mean age, 36.3 years; age range, 18-52 years) with histologically proven Crohn's disease underwent CT enteroclysis and(More)