Wolfgang Raab

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3GPP long term evolution (LTE) enhances the wireless communication standards UMTS and HSDPA towards higher throughput. A throughput of 150 Mbit/s is specified for LTE using 2x2 MIMO. For this, highly punctured Turbo codes with rates up to 0.95 are used for channel coding, which is a big challenge for decoder design. This paper investigates efficient decoder(More)
A general purpose neurocomputer, SYNAPSE-1, which exhibits a multiprocessor and memory architecture is presented. It offers wide flexibility with respect to neural algorithms and a speed-up factor of several orders of magnitude--including learning. The computational power is provided by a 2-dimensional systolic array of neural signal processors. Since the(More)
BACKGROUND Progressive scoliosis, pelvic obliquity and increasing reduction of pulmonary function are among the most significant problems for patients with SMA type II and SMA type III once they have lost the ability to walk. The aim of this study was to examine and document the development and natural course of scoliosis in patients with spinal muscular(More)
BACKGROUND Pulmonary rehabilitation is a well-recognized treatment option in chronic obstructive lung disease improving exercise performance, respiratory symptoms and quality of life. In occupational respiratory diseases, which can be rather cost-intensive due to the compensation needs, very little information is available. OBJECTIVES This study aims at(More)
This paper describes the general purpose neurocomputer SYNAPSE–1 which has been developed in cooperation between Siemens Munich and the University of Mannheim. This system contains one of the most powerful processors available for neural algorithms, the neuro signal processor MA16. The prototype system executes a test algorithm 8,000 times as fast as a(More)
52 Albumin Quantitation by Dye Binding and Salt Fractionation Techniques Don S. Miyada, Vernon Baysinger. Solomon Notrica, and R. M. Nakamura 57 Estimation of Normal Ranges from a Controlled Sample Survey. I. Sexand Age-Related Influence on the SMA 12/60 Screening Group of Tests A. H. Reed, D. C. Cannon, J. W. Winkelman, Y. P. Bhasin, R. J. Henry, and V. J.(More)