Wolfgang Oestreich

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Because maintenance antivertiginous treatment with commonly used drugs is only moderately effective, there is still need for new therapeutic concepts in the therapy of vestibular vertigo. The cerebral calcium antagonist flunarizine (Sibelium) revealed positive vestibular effects in experimental animal studies and in healthy volunteers. Clinical trials(More)
In the course of a 16 weeks' interval treatment of migraine in connection with two multicenter double-blind studies, flunarizine was compared with propranolol in patients suffering predominantly from "classical migraine". Eighty-seven patients from 12 outpatient departments were admitted to the first study, while 434 patients from 99 medical practices(More)
The efficacy and tolerance of 20 mg flunarizine i.v. were tested in comparison with placebo in a multicentre randomised double-blind trial in the acute treatment of migraine attacks. Sixty case reports were included in the evaluation; 31 patients were treated with flunarizine and 29 with placebo. Flunarizine proved to be significantly superior in its effect(More)
Apart from the treatment of migraine attacks, prophylaxis may be required when certain criteria of frequency, duration, or severity are met. In a series of placebo-controlled, double-blind studies, the effectiveness of the cerebral calcium antagonist flunarizine (Sibelium) in migraine prophylaxis was shown. In further investigations, the effectiveness of(More)
Flunarizine, 20 mg by slow intravenous injection, was studied in the acute treatment of migraine attacks in a multicentre, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. At the end of the 60 min observation period, 23 of the 31 (74.2%) patients treated with flunarizine reported complete relief, or a pain reduction of more than 50%, vs. 8 of 29 (27.6%) placebo(More)
Following Skelton's procedure with unilateral adrenonephrectomy, contralateral adrenal enucleation and application of 1% NaCl with drinking fluid, normal rats develop hypertension and generalized severe arteriosclerosis within 7 weeks, experimental group I. Thereby the mean systolic blood pressure increased from 108 +/- 10 to 223 +/- 12 mm Hg, and 90(More)
Ten multimorbid, geriatric, hospitalised patients, mean age 76 years, were treated for vertigo and received 10 mg flunarizine (CAS 52468-60-7; Sibelium) daily for 3 weeks. The study of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of this dosage scheme revealed that the kinetics did not change during the three weeks of therapy. The terminal half-life is 7.3 +/-(More)
In the course of a multicenter study on 2122 patients treated by 412 dermatologists in general practice, we investigated the effect of astemizole (Hismanal) on urticaria. During 2 weeks of treatment with astemizole 10 mg daily, the percentage of the patients with severe or moderate affection dropped from 82.4% to 9.1%, while the figure of the patients with(More)
In a multi-centre, randomized double-blind study, the effect and tolerance of 10 and 20 mg flunarizine i.v. versus placebo was tested on 102 migraineurs with acute migraine attacks with and/or without aura. Thirty-seven patients received 10 mg flunarizine, 32 received 20 mg and 33 received placebo. The groups were comparable. Response to treatment was(More)