Wolfgang Middelmann

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Automatically partitioning images into regions (‘segmentation’) is challenging in terms of quality and performance. We propose a Minimum Spanning Tree-based algorithm with a novel graph-cutting heuristic, the usefulness of which is demonstrated by promising results obtained on standard images. In contrast to data-parallel schemes that divide images into(More)
We give a family of augmented systems as well as minimally extended systems which are suitable for the numerical detection and determination of singular points of Banach space problems. The systems are constructed in such a way that they only diier in a small part which must be adapted to the equivalence class to which the desired singular point belongs.(More)
This paper presents recent and planned activities in the area of computer aided detection and classification (CAD / CAC) of mine like objects (MLOs) at the FWG with assistance of FU-Berlin and FGAN-FOM. These investigations are intended to support software for the analysis of side scan sonar images by an operator and to contribute to automatic target(More)
The laws of gestalt-perception play an important role in human vision. Psychological studies identified similarity, good continuation, proximity and symmetry as important inter-object relations that distinguish perceptive gestalts from arbitrary sets of clutter objects. Particularly, symmetry and continuation possess a high potential in detection,(More)
In the last few years, unmixing of hyperspectral data has become of major importance. The high spectral resolution results in a loss of spatial resolution. Thus, spectra of edges and small objects are composed of mixtures of their neighboring materials. Due to the fact that supervised unmixing is impossible for extensive data sets, the unsupervised(More)
Different methods for the detection for hydrocarbons in aerial hyperspectral images are analyzed in this study. The scope is to find a practical method for airborne oil spill mapping on land. Examined are Hydrocarbon index and Hydrocarbon detection index. As well as spectral reidentification algorithms, like Spectral angle mapper, in comparison to the(More)