Wolfgang Meuser

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Correlations between sex hormone levels and the male depth of voice were investigated in 102 singers. As compared to tenor singers higher testosterone and lower oestradiol plasma concentrations were measured in bass and baritone singers. This resulted in higher testosterone/oestradiol ratios due to increased androgens in those with deeper voices. Deeper(More)
The results in the treatment of the idiopathetic perceptive deafness by means of stellate ganglion blocks and vasodilator drugs have been recorded. From 89 treated ears, 54% showed an improvement (some of them to a considerable degree). However, in 46% of the cases no significant improvement was effected.
  • W Meuser
  • 1984
An open radical mastoid cavity presents a handicap to the patient. If elimination of the cavity appears desirable, one should use an operative technique which does not incur the risk of a cholesteatoma redeveloping. In our experience obliteration of the cavity with non-resorbable methacrylate Sulfix-6 is the best way to achieve this. The arguments in favour(More)
  • W Meuser
  • 1985
The exenterated mastoid behind an intact posterior ear canal wall is one of the preconditions for the development of hidden cholesteatoma recurrences. Retraction pockets can develop into the cavity owing to persisting malfunction of the eustachian tube. Matrix inadvertently left in the tympanic space or in the mastoid process can grow into or in the cavity(More)
INTRODUCTION A novel ablation system has been introduced for rapid treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF). This system delivers duty-cycled phased radiofrequency (RF) energy via an over-the-wire catheter (PVAC® , Medtronic) to achieve pulmonary vein (PV) isolation. Lower power and depth control suggests that collateral damage might be minimized. However, no(More)