Wolfgang Messner

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Networks of the biopolymer actin, cross-linked by the compliant protein filamin, form soft gels. They can, however, withstand large shear stresses due to their pronounced nonlinear elastic behavior. The nonlinear elasticity can be controlled by varying the number of cross-links per actin filament. We propose and test a model of rigid filaments decorated by(More)
Networks of the cytoskeletal biopolymer actin cross-linked by the compliant protein filamin form soft gels that stiffen dramatically under shear stress. We demonstrate that the elasticity of these networks shows a strong dependence on the mean length of the actin polymers, unlike networks with small, rigid cross-links. This behavior is in agreement with a(More)
Outdoor perimeter security sensors have played, and continue to play, an important role in the security of critical assets and VIP residents over the past 40 years. In many ways outdoor security sensor technology can be described as “Slow-Tech” in a “High-Tech” world. In “High-Tech” we can expect a new product every(More)
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