Wolfgang Mergenthaler

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Testing Integrated Circuits is a costly process. The present article investigates com-binatorial optimization problems reducing subsets of tests, which are redundant in a statistical sense. The solution to those problems is brought about by application of the Simulated Annealing local search technique, which, in turn makes wide use of random number(More)
In split-dose experiments, the time relationship for the interaction of primary breaks in the formation of dicentric chromosomes was analysed. Human peripheral lymphocytes were irradiated with a dose of 340 R of 220 kV X-rays split into two equal fractions separated by intervals up to 360 min. Assuming an exponential decline of the time-dependent quadratic(More)
Technical processes, notably in the power transforming industries, generate a wealth of process data, commonly organized in a file with M records and 1 + n + m fields, i.e. a time stamp, followed by n independent and m dependent variables, summarized in the vectors x and y, respectively. Regardless of the availability of physical models it is interesting(More)
One of the most important concepts in an automotive production process is that of a manufacturing sequence. Sequencing has a vital influence on a series of important performance indicators such as load balance, setup time, setup cost, timeliness, flow of material etc. Generating appropriate sequences has thus become a key task for the automotive production(More)
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