Wolfgang Mergenthaler

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Testing Integrated Circuits is a costly process. The present article investigates com-binatorial optimization problems reducing subsets of tests, which are redundant in a statistical sense. The solution to those problems is brought about by application of the Simulated Annealing local search technique, which, in turn makes wide use of random number(More)
Technical processes, notably in the power transforming industries, generate a wealth of process data, commonly organized in a file with M records and 1 + n + m fields, i.e. a time stamp, followed by n independent and m dependent variables, summarized in the vectors x and y, respectively. Regardless of the availability of physical models it is interesting(More)
One of the most important concepts in an automotive production process is that of a manufacturing sequence. Sequencing has a vital influence on a series of important performance indicators such as load balance, setup time, setup cost, timeliness, flow of material etc. Generating appropriate sequences has thus become a key task for the automotive production(More)
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