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Chloë R. Marshall1
Elizabeth D Peña1
1Chloë R. Marshall
1Elizabeth D Peña
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The higher short-term memory (STM) capacity for spoken language compared to signed language is well-documented: speakers have a digit span of 7 ± 2, signers only 5 ± 1 (see Hall and Bavelier, 2010, for a review). A consensus has been developing that speech is " special " in supporting the temporal sequencing of linguistic information , giving(More)
PURPOSE This research explored the use of dynamic assessment (DA) for language-learning abilities in signing deaf children from deaf and hearing families. METHOD Thirty-seven deaf children, aged 6 to 11 years, were identified as either stronger (n = 26) or weaker (n = 11) language learners according to teacher or speech-language pathologist report. All(More)
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