Wolfgang Lucas

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We present a set of gas-phase Planck mean and Rosseland mean opacity tables applicable for simulations of star and planet formation, stellar evolution, disk modelling at various metallic-ities in hydrogen-rich environments. The tables are calculated for gas temperatures between 1000K and 10000K and total hydrogen number densities between 10 2 cm −3 and 10(More)
The lightning impulse voltage calibrators, developed at NML and MIKES-HUT, and a recently developed commercial digitiser were compared. With this three-way comparison, not only the accuracies of the devices were compared, but also the linearity of both peak voltage and time parameters of the devices was investigated. The results demonstrated that the(More)
If there was a cDNA match, gene predictions (except in Fig. 3a; see below) were based on the annotation provided by the rice full-length cDNA consortium 19. If not, the annotation used was from the corresponding sequence provider or the annotation of rice contigs (version 07232003) from the Institute of Genomic Research (TIGR) (http:// www.tigr.org). In(More)
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